mordvinic languages造句


  1. The Mordvinic languages, a subgroup of the Russian.
  2. The Mordvin people are a Mordvinic languages speakers live in the Republic of Mordovia.
  3. Among European languages, this polypersonal agreement is found only in Basque, some languages of the Caucasus, Mordvinic languages, Maltese ( all non-Indo-European ).
  4. Yae was used in the old alphabet of the Mordvinic languages, where it represented the sounds, like the pronunciation of in " "'ya "'k ".
  5. "' Finno-Volgaic "'or "'Fenno-Volgaic "'is an obsolete hypothesis of a subgrouping of the Uralic languages that tried to group the Finnic languages, Sami languages, Mordvinic languages and the Mari language.
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