1. Kuzya-the-God lived in Mordvin village of Makrasha.
  2. Mordvins use two names-a Mordvin name and a Russian name.
  3. Mordvins use two names-a Mordvin name and a Russian name.
  4. The Mordvin name is written in the Eastern name order.
  5. Vidayev was born in Samara Oblast, he was an ethnic Mordvin.
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  7. Another unique ethnic group, living in Tatarstan only are the Qaratay Mordvins.
  8. Neighbouring Mordvins in Tetyushsky District, however, still speak a Uralic language.
  9. This land was situated at the Mari and Mordvins.
  10. Mordvins ( Erzya ) account for the majority of the population of Drakino.
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  12. The Mordvin people are a Mordvinic languages speakers live in the Republic of Mordovia.
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  14. To the north of the Mordvins lived the Maris, to the south the Khazars.
  15. The Tengushev Mordvins live in southern Mordovia and are a transitional group between Moksha and Erzya.
  16. Combining the Mordvin traditional beliefs with Christianity and conjuring tricks he managed to instill into his deity.
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