1. By that time Mordyukova was over sixty and had starred in over twenty other films.
  2. During the period of perestroika, Mordyukova appeared in a number of supporting roles in a range of comedy-dramas.
  3. Mordyukova and Bykov, major Soviet movie stars, had to plead with the authorities to spare him of even bigger charges.
  4. Jewish by ethnicity and a native of Kiev, Bystritskaya was chosen to play Axinia by Sholokhov himself over several distinguished candidates, notably Nonna Mordyukova.
  5. In 1948 he married Nonna Mordyukova, a popular actress at the time ( the couple had one son, Vladimir, also an actor who died in 1990 ).
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  7. Among Basilashvili's film partners were such actors as Alisa Freindlich, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Nikita Mikhalkov, Nonna Mordyukova, Evgeni Leonov, and Natalya Gundareva, among many other Soviet / Russian film actors.
  8. The role of Klavida Vavilova, a robust and boisterous Red Army Commissar who has accidentally become pregnant, in Aleksandr Askoldov's " Commissar " ( 1967 ) is Mordyukova's most memorable work.


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