more 4造句


  1. The schooner was armed with one or more 4-pounder guns.
  2. And lastly, more 4 chair turns.
  3. bandwidth on Multiplex 2 for its own services More 4, E4, and most recently Film4.
  4. In 1883, another fifteen were acquired, along with four more 4-4-0s.
  5. Normally, this meld cannot be captured, as there are no more 4's in the deck.
  6. It's difficult to find more 4 in a sentence. 用more 4造句挺難的
  7. Fill one or more 4-or 6-inch pots with a good, well-draining soil mix.
  8. Two types of votes are still being counted : nearly 9, 000 absentee ballots and more 4, 000 affidavit ballots.
  9. More 4 four million Nepalese live and work in India, and Nepal is a key market for cheap Indian consumer goods.
  10. It produces a number of digital channels, branded as Channel 4, as well as E4, More 4 and Film4.
  11. In response to his videotaped Nobel Lecture broadcast on More 4 and distributed via the public media and spread throughout the blogosphere.
  12. It last year scrapped plans for more 4-year treasury certificates, instead stocked up existing issues of 5-year Bundesobligationen.
  13. Come September, 14, 000 more 4-year-olds in the city are supposed to be attending new preschool classes.
  14. Several subdivisions of 30 or more 4-bedroom homes are going up, for sale at $ 200, 000 to $ 250, 000.
  15. On June 6, more 4 cases were confirmed, more two in S鉶 Paulo, more one in Rio de Janeiro and another in Tocantins.
  16. Many users report having difficulty not redosing after using a strong dose if more 4-methylethcathinone is available when they are starting to come down.
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