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  1. More actions will be taken in the coming new year
  2. Well , that can only mean less deliberating and more action
  3. - did you see any more action ? - i didn ' t
    -接下來你打算怎么辦? -不知道
  4. Did you see any more action ? - i didn ' t
    接下來你打算怎么辦? -不知道
  5. Back for more action , eh , scooter
    回來挑戰我嗎嗯, "斯顆特
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  7. Although it ' s more action than i ' ve had in months , so go ahead
  8. Choose your ride and customize your dvd experience ! more stunts ! more action
  9. I get more action in a week
  10. Well , that can only mean less deliberating and more action . is that bad
  11. What the community wants is unambiguous : less argument , more action
  12. You ll realize that you ve simply added more actions for the browser to perform
  13. Fuck scar - face watch me , im more action to see than dem motherfuckers that yall see on t . v
  14. B : yes , i ' m very happy . the game is too slow . i want to see more action , but i ' m happy
  15. Following u . s . - china trade talks , ustr portman says measured progress made , more action needed , 7112005
    美國表示與中國就知識產權問題取得進展, 2005年7月11日
  16. My mother also told me that pollution is such a serious problem in many parts of the world that more action ought to be taken to prevent it
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