more comparable造句


  1. It is more comparable to partially epoxidized linseed or soybean oil.
  2. Income taxes may make CSX's offer more comparable than it seems.
  3. The past closer, more comparable, a way to justify present action.
  4. These levels are more comparable with European Union averages.
  5. More comparable to the English Leningrad and Moscow.
  6. It's difficult to find more comparable in a sentence. 用more comparable造句挺難的
  7. The differences might be more comparable to the differences between different subdialects of Cantonese.
  8. The bonds yielded 117 basis points more comparable Treasury bonds, down from 119 yesterday.
  9. Clearly, more comparable studies are needed in which reproductive outcome can be analysed systematically.
  10. Those deemed too horrible are sent to Jigoku, a land more comparable to the Christian hell.
  11. The game was more comparable to " Lemmings " than the game designed by Connelley.
  12. The styling of the GT R is more comparable to that of the AMG GT3 race car.
  13. Florida, a state more comparable to California in size and density, spent 7 cents per dollar.
  14. The petitions called on the Western Harbour Crossing management to lower its fare to a more comparable level.
  15. The " gyepqelve " is much more comparable to modern buffer zones than traditional European marches.
  16. Or they can restate the previous three years, a move that would make the new numbers more comparable.
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