1. The village of Mouthe later grew up around the priory.
  2. In Mouthe, eastern France, temperatures fell to minus 21 Celsius ( minus 6 F ) on Monday morning.
  3. In Mouthe, eastern France, temperatures were at minus 21 Celsius ( minus 6 F ) on Monday morning.
  4. From its source in Mouthe it flows northeast, more or less along the French-Swiss border ( forming the border for approx . 40 km ).
  5. He received the Last Rites from Gregory VII . Simon was later beatified and his relics are still kept at Mouthe where a statue in his honour was erected in 1934.
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  7. Fountains in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris were completely frozen, and in Mouthe, in eastern France, temperatures fell Monday morning to minus 21 Celsius ( minus 6 F ).
  8. It is also possible that there was a large sum for Joan and John Darras at the ouset of the tenancy : the Recognizances preserved in the county archives show that in September 1391 " John de Mowche " ( presumably a rendering of Mawddwy, which is given as " Mouthe"
  9. By his translation of Thevet, Thomas Hacket presented the first account in English of a curious American custom  the smoking of tobacco by means of burning leaves wrapped in a small cylinder ( the cigar ), or in a pipe : " Their maner to use it, is this, they wrappe a quantitie of this herbe being dry in a leafe of a palme tree which is very great, and so they make rolles of the length of a c鉪le, and than they fire the one end, and receive the smoke therof by their nose and by their mouthe . " Thevet's account of this practice is the first clear description of the cigar and its use.


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