mud slinging造句

"mud slinging"是什麽意思   


  1. American politics draws a line between " mud slinging " and defamation.
  2. Verifiability, not Wikiality or mud slinging, should be our guiding principle here.
  3. It's turning into pretty much a mud slinging competition on both sides.
  4. It's mud slinging by ED . Very very dishonest mudslinging-and here is why:
  5. Others urged the candidates to stop the political mud slinging.
  6. It's difficult to find mud slinging in a sentence. 用mud slinging造句挺難的
  7. Arbcom enforcement would be faced with extraordinary levels of battleground mentality, mud slinging and drama.
  8. The key issue is that mud slinging is not a form of perjury or libel.
  9. This is nothing more than partisan, election-year mud slinging,
  10. The section descends into mud slinging by all parties.
  11. Enduring the controversy now would end all speculation and " mud slinging, " he argued.
  12. The mud slinging, in fact, has already begun.
  13. A campaign marked on both sides by insults and mud slinging has contributed to voter skepticism.
  14. There was no mud slinging when Carl Lindros and Bob Clarke met to talk business Wednesday.
  15. What does the word mean other than merely being a mud slinging pejorative of modern times?
  16. Judge Judy replied through her publicist, stating, " I refuse to engage in similar mud slinging.
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