1. Ghassan Nasry, 32, a tourist from Saudi Arabia, told The Associated Press.
  2. Nabil Nasry was appointed Damascus governor while Sobhy Hamide was named governor of Damascus'countryside . damas-ms-da
  3. Abdullah Nasry, the Islamic Relief project officer for the village of Aynar, said his group aims for cheap, long term solutions.
  4. "If a plane hits the towers, there is nothing we can do, " said Ghassan Nasry, 32, a tourist from Saudi Arabia.
  5. When Saudi housing developer Ghassan Nasry considered where to take his family on vacation, he ruled out Western countries because of reports that Arabs traveling there had been harassed.
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  7. "There is so much to see and enjoy " in Malaysia, Nasry, 32, said as he strolled with his wife and five children outside the Petronas Twin Towers, the world's tallest buildings.
  8. "' Nasry Juan Asfura Zablah "'( born 8 June 1958 ) also known as "'Tito Asfura "'is a Honduran politician of Francisco Moraz醤 and is the current mayor of his nation's capital of Tegucigalpa.
  9. A 42-year-old Afghan who returned home from the United States, relief project officer Nasry last summer canvassed refugee camps on the border with Pakistan for one and-a-half months before finding his first group of refugees from the same village.


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