1. In 1818, they purchased land that later became the townships of Esquesing and Nassagaweya.
  2. By 1818, additional land purchases led to the development of the Esquesing and Nassagaweya townships.
  3. He named the house Nassagaweya after his birthplace in Ontario, a Delaware Indian word meaning " home by the maple forests ".
  4. "' Nassagaweya "'is a heritage-listed detached house at 37 Gray Road, West End, Queensland, Australia.
  5. Between 1991 and 2004 Soderholm pastored two parishes in the town of Milton, Ontario, St . David's in the village of Campbellville, and Nassagaweya.
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  7. It consisted of the Town of Burlington and the Township of Nassagaweya in the County of Halton, and the Town of Burlington, the Town of Dundas and the Townships of East Flamborough and West Flamborough in the County of Wentworth.
  8. Just north of Arkell, east to nearby Eden Mills near the Eden Mills outdoor education centre and south-east to Arkell Rd . at the Nassagaweya-Puslinch Townline Rd . intersection, opened in 1974 by the Guelph Hiking Club.


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