naturaliste canadien造句


  1. He was the founder or editor of several publications, most notably the " Naturaliste Canadien ", and wrote a number of manuals.
  2. ""'Le Naturaliste Canadien " "'is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published semiannually by the Soci閠?L閛n-Provancher d'Histoire Naturelle du Canada.
  3. During this period, d'Herelle published his first scientific paper, " De la formation du carbone par les v間閠aux " in the May 1901 issue of " Le Naturaliste Canadien ".
  4. Modern Canadian publications with interest in mammalogy include " The Canadian Field Naturalist ", the " Canadian Journal of Zoology " and the French-language " Le Naturaliste Canadien ".
  5. Between 1903 and 1907 he edited, with the help of Walter-Fournier Venner, a journal that aimed to compete with the Huard-edited " Naturaliste Canadien ", the " Observateur Naturaliste ".
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  7. In addition to his books, Dionne published a number of papers in " The Auk " and the " Naturaliste Canadien ", as well as most material published in the three issues of his " Observateur Naturaliste ".
  8. Although he made use of his interests in natural history while teaching, it was not until 1894 that Huard had the chance to truly apply them, when he returned the " Naturaliste Canadien ", Provancher's monthly journal, to active publication.


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