1. National parks include Scott National Park and Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.
  2. It is separated from the Naturaliste Plateau by the Dirck Hartog Ridge.
  3. The Mentelle Basin and Naturaliste Trough lie between the mainland and this plateau.
  4. French Captain Nicolas Baudin was also on a " Naturaliste ".
  5. Upon rounding Cape Naturaliste, they entered Geographe Bay.
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  7. The Mesoproterozoic crust from this knoll is coeval with crust from the Naturaliste Plateau.
  8. The rover then passed the craters " Naturaliste.
  9. The " Naturaliste " was printed practically without interruption until Huard's death.
  10. Bentham's taxon was based on a specimen collected at Cape Naturaliste by Augustus Oldfield.
  11. "' Cape Naturaliste College "'is a comprehensive public Perth, Western Australia.
  12. It occurs in woodland, shrubland and heath in the coastal region between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Arid.
  13. Part of Provancher's last works would be published posthumously in the " Naturaliste ".
  14. The " Naturaliste " was sent home from Port Jackson with the specimens collected to date.
  15. On 9 December 1802 " Naturaliste " left the expedition at Tasmania to bring the first collections home.
  16. "' Sussex Land District "'is a Augusta as well as Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin.
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