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  1. Zoo Atlanta is now known for its work in naturalistic design, education and propagation of endangered species.
  2. As a result, the Munson Valley Historic District is significant as an expression of American naturalistic design.
  3. Ukara includes naturalistic designs representing objects such as gongs, feathers and manilla currency, a symbol of wealth.
  4. Naturalistic design features curvilinear paths, the informal planting of flowers, unregimented, borders, wild flowers, and asymmetrical forms.
  5. He believed that there are settings which require the strict guidelines of formal garden design and that certain sites call for loose, naturalistic design concepts.
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  7. He introduced what later became known as the  Pitman School of Wood Carving,  which provided for the treatment of naturalistic designs, and could produce very beautiful effects in wood sculpture.
  8. Other significant designs included " Palace ", " Y鰎黭 ", Milas or " T黵kmen " carpets . " Y鰎黭 " and " T黵kmen " represented more stylized designs, whereas naturalistic designs were prevalent in " Palace ".
  9. A beautiful example of this mix of principles is seen in the Park's Mall in New York's Central Park, a large promenade leading to the Bethesda Terrace and the single formal feature in Olmsted and Vaux's original naturalistic design.
  10. "The Night Watchman " ( 1938 ) and other early directorial efforts suffer from what he would later call " Disney worship " : they painstakingly emulate Disney's naturalistic design and motion, lavish rendering, cute characters and deliberate pacing.
  11. Recognizing that the Losantiville golf course s unique character and tradition, resulting from the pairing of Mr . Bendelow s naturalistic design with the benefits realized from over a century of evolution and continuous improvements, was enjoyable and challenging for all skill levels of golfers, the combined Membership again voted and chose to preserve the Losantiville course & facilities as the site of the new Ridge Club.


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