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  1. Opera is not a naturalistic form; it thrives on exaggeration and extremes.
  2. This naturalistic form of enquiry provides a unique opportunity to enrich and extend observation skills.
  3. This return to naturalistic forms is reminiscent of her still life from her time in the Virgin Islands.
  4. Exterior ornamentation on these floors reflect French Moderne design, featuring stylized flora and fauna, Egyptian motifs, and naturalistic forms.
  5. Like Highsmith, Moll builds a slow, naturalistic form of suspense, allowing Harry's madness to emerge in tiny, discreet dollops.
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  7. In 1928, he established, along with Bruno Munari, the " Manifesto della Pittura " ( Painting Manifesto ), taking as basic assumption the display of anti-naturalistic forms.
  8. When an adaptation such as this proves unsuccessful, there is a tendency to blame the differences between the two media, for film is such a literal, naturalistic form.
  9. :" Expressive gestures, naturalistic forms of hair, breasts, and plastic arms and legs make early and rare Xochipala figures among the finest ceramic works of the ancient New World " . " Mary Ellen Miller"
  10. "' Beldibi culture "'further offers coloured rock engravings on the walls of the cave, hitherto the only known cave art in western Asia, as well as furniture art decorated with naturalistic forms and geometric ornament.
  11. He also formed a strong friendship with Sir Herbert Read, who wrote the foreword in his monograph and was one of the first critics to recognise his true worth as a painter of abstracts based on naturalistic forms.
  12. Ms . London, known for her bark-encrusted four-poster beds and tree-stump tables, has whittled her naturalistic forms to a neat cube ( a table of solid spruce ) and expanded her collection with cheery cabbage rose prints and Japanese country antiques.
  13. On the same floor as Lombard-Freid, at Art Projects International, is the debut show of Jung Hyang Kim, a Korean-born New York painter whose skillful if generic canvases contrast fields of abstract motifs with more naturalistic forms, in a style of juxtaposition initiated by David Salle.
  14. The " Chicago Tribune "'s Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Blair Kamin spoke glowingly of the pavilion upon its August 4, 2009, completion, describing it as " a virtuoso display of structure, space and light " with an " arresting combination of naturalistic forms and alien shapes, plus a dazzling video installation ".


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