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  1. There was no abnormal illness in the school where the children attended
  2. Prior to the visit on march 3 , there had been no abnormal mortality on the farm .
  3. Fluorescein angiography showed leaking telangiectasia , macroaneurysm in the left eye but no abnormal leakage in the right eye
  4. The latest version of this directive ( 98 / 83 / ec ) [ 4 ] states that odour and taste of water shall be " acceptable to consumers and no abnormal change " ( sic )
    最新近版本的指示/說明( 98 / 83 / ec ) [ 4 ]聲明/規定,水的氣味和口味應該是‘客戶可接受的和無異常變化的’ (如原文所述) 。
  5. " recently the test results of another two chicken farms showed that the chickens there might be infected . but there had been no abnormal mortality on the farms
  6. It's difficult to find no abnormal in a sentence. 用no abnormal造句挺難的
  7. Trial operation and pressure text is necessary for the valve . install the valve after there is no abnormal condition . the driving device cannot be hoisted and avoid damage when installed
  8. " as there are two chicken farms in tuen mun , staff have been deployed to inspect these farms . there was no abnormal mortality and the chickens showed no symptoms of avian influenza , " he said
  9. If water hammer occured as the water is full , the steam pipeline , appurtenance , support should be checked . only when there is no abnormal condition observed , can the normal oparation resumed
  10. " all poultry farms within two kilometres of where the dead bird was found had been inspected by afcd staff . there was no abnormal mortality and the chickens showed no symptoms of avian influenza .
  11. " all poultry farms in the vicinity of where the dead bird was found , totalling 37 , have been inspected by afcd staff . there was no abnormal mortality and the chickens showed no symptoms of avian influenza
  12. On the other hand , if the condition is due to thicker layer of fat or muscle underneath the nipples and there is no abnormal growth of breast tissue , the nipples will not be painful and this is not a disease
  13. The afcd inspected this farm on december 28 and no abnormal mortality was found at that time . a headcount of the chickens also tallied with the department s records . meanwhile , afcd staff has inspected 43 chicken farms today and there has been no unusual mortality in these inspected farms
  14. According to afcd investigation , there are only two commercial chicken farms within five kilometers of where the chickens were found . no abnormal mortality or symptoms of avian influenza was detected among the chicken flocks upon inspection . the spokesman reminded members of the public to observe good personal hygiene
  15. It was observed from the inverse kinematics simulation results that the position , accelerate and velocity minimum - norm solution of joint 1 , 3 , 7 of the manipulator were controllable with no abnormal fluctuates , which satisfy the motion requirements . however , the position , the accelerate and the velocity of joint 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 of the manipulator varied with time irregularly with high efficiency during the simulation time t = 4 . 7197s ~ 5s , which would make the joint uncontrollable and result in the vibration of the manipulator system , hence the kinematic performance of manipulator should be improved
    逆運動學仿真結果表明,關節1 、 3 、 7速度最小范數解、位置與加速度均滿足運動要求,無異常波動現象,能夠實現控制;而關節2 、 4 、 5 、 6速度在仿真時間t = [ 4 . 7197s , 5s ]時速度、位置和加速度出現異常振蕩,關節運動失控,從而引起系統振動,其運動性能需進一步改進。
  16. He stressed that during the period , there was no abnormal chicken deaths noted at both retail and wholesale markets and the chickens had not shown any clinical signs of sickness . to safeguard public health , the government has already put in place a comprehensive set of control measure including the implementation of a " rest day " every month


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