no better than this造句


  1. It gets no better than this, and he disgraced it.
  2. Don't get no better than this.
  3. Sorry I could do no better than this.
  4. He also released a rap song, " No Better Than This ", by Won-G Bruny.
  5. Right now, with me, my wife, my daughter . . . it gets no better than this.
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  7. An East Texas Valentine, " It Don't Git No Better Than This, " author unknown:
  8. "It don't get no better than this, " said the American, who was raised in Italy.
  9. In July 2009, John Mellencamp recorded nine songs for his album " No Better Than This " at the studio.
  10. He brought the " No Better Than This " tour to Europe in the summer of 2011, opening in Copenhagen on June 24.
  11. While he was on tour, Mellencamp recorded a new album titled " No Better Than This " that was again produced by T Bone Burnett.
  12. And on this Valentine's Day, I can wish you no better than this : that love is either in your heart, or on its way.
  13. Short of Arnold and Jack dipping their tootsies into a Fountain of Youth and re-appearing on the scene in a flood of polyester, it could get no better than this.
  14. One reviewer called the opening gig of the European leg of the tour " maybe the best rock-performance ever in Denmark . " The " No Better Than This"
  15. WYE MILLS, Md . _ Diplomatic drama gets no better than this, a tale of intrigue and high passion, history and war, a king and his queen, a dog and a spy.
  16. Mellencamp, who co-headlined 11 shows in the summer of 2010 with Bob Dylan, launched the " No Better Than This " theater tour on October 29, 2010 in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana.
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