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  1. These trace gases are not detectable by smell in any but the most heavily polluted atmosphere .
  2. The tumor regressed gradually and was not detectable by sonography at 33 months of age
  3. These advanced electronics use signal types which are not detectable , shieldable , or jammable using conventional technology
  4. No , only a slight blockage of the vision at worst . floaters are usually not detectable by visual testing unless they are very severe
  5. Because soft errors are not detectable directly by a server instance , a soft error could potentially cause a server instance to wait indefinitely
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  7. For biopsy of a lesion seen on a mammogram but not detectable during physical examination , 2 needles or wires can be inserted via radiologic guidance to localize the lesion
  8. But antibody responses in some piglets of these groups were not detectable by elisa over the study period . usually , most of prrsv infections are subclinical
    在檢測中,所有elisa抗體陽性的動物在westernblotting檢狽中都呈陽性, w且westernbi0tting抗體的出現要早于el舊a抗體。
  9. Failures in databases other than the mirrored database are not detectable in a database mirroring session . moreover , a data disk failure is unlikely to be detected , unless the database is restarted because of a data disk failure
  10. As the foster animal may not have been vaccinated yet and he she might have been exposed to something that is not detectable with a regular vet check - up , we strongly suggest that you separate your own companion animals from the foster animal
  11. Result : in the 39 colorectal carcinomas , 35 ( 89 . 7 ) had detectable telomerase activity , in 21 ulcerative colitis , 2 ( 9 . 5 % ) had detectable telomerase activity and 22 normal colorectal mucosae the telomerase activity was not detectable
    結果: 39例大腸癌陽性率為89 . 7 % , 21例潰瘍性結腸炎陽性率為9 . 5 % , 22例正常對照組陽性率為0 % ,大腸癌端粒酶活性陽性率與腫瘤臨床病理分期、組織學類型、腫瘤大小及部位無顯著相關。
  12. Delta brain waves are those with the lowest frequencies and relate to the unconscious mind . delta waves are present during deep sleep , even when the other types of brain waves are not detectable , but they may also be present in the waking state , combined with the other types . they are associated with highly instinctive , intuitive , and empathetic states of mind


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