not in my lifetime造句

"not in my lifetime"是什麽意思   


  1. "Maybe under Boss Tweed, but not in my lifetime, " he said.
  2. This goal will not be reached quickly, perhaps not in my lifetime.
  3. "It'll never happen again, not in my lifetime, I know ."
  4. It will take a long time to know, and not in my lifetime,
  5. "Maybe not in my lifetime, but it'll happen, " he insists.
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  7. "I never thought I'd meet Tiger . . . not in my lifetime,"
  8. "Someday, maybe not in my lifetime, it's going to happen,"
  9. I really don't see anybody breaking that record, at least not in my lifetime.
  10. "Not in my lifetime, " one contractor said.
  11. "Not in my lifetime ! " he said.
  12. Not in my lifetime, in other words.
  13. In other words, not in my lifetime.
  14. Sure, but not in my lifetime .'
  15. Not in my lifetime, at least.
  16. A : Not in my lifetime.
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