not in scale造句

"not in scale"是什麽意思   


  1. Various leg problems causing sciatica can also occur when the seat is not in scale to your legs.
  2. The saturation coverage was reminiscent, in kind if not in scale, of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, partly because the deaths were so unexpected.
  3. Its importance is HUGE  it might eclipse the efforts of the Encyclop閐istes ( not in scale; it has already done that, but in ultimate historical importance ).
  4. Some garden railways work opposite to the model village style and opt more for a railway in the garden, where the railways runs amongst normal plants, not in scale with the railway.
  5. Production of Tomicas started to move to Vietnam in 2009 . At about this time a new attempt to enter the American market was made with Tomica Hypercity, which introduced a limited number of vehicles ( about 15 ) together with varied toy train sets and Lego-like Tomikid figures that are not in scale with the vehicles.
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