nubble light造句


  1. Nubble Light, which was built in 1879, is the southernmost of Maine's many lights.
  2. It also is called Nubble Light, referring to the rocky island, the Nubble, where it sits.
  3. In between the beaches is Nubble Point and just off the point, on its own little island, is Nubble Light.
  4. "' Lighting of the Nubble "'- Nubble Light is lit up twice a year with Christmas lights.
  5. Butler works as a nurse manager at a hospital in Dover, and often she and her husband will head over to Nubble Light in York, Maine.
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  7. "' Short Sands Beach "' This is the other beach and is located on the north side of Cape Neddick, home of Cape Neddick Light, locally known as " Nubble Light ".


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