1. "Nubeluz " was originally created for broadcast in Spanish and in Peru.
  2. During its final two seasons, " Nubeluz " was relocated to Venezuela.
  3. She and Almendra Gomelsky hosted " Nubeluz " from late 1990 to early 1994.
  4. From late 1990 to early 1994, she co-hosted the Peruvian children's TV show " Nubeluz ".
  5. After successfully finishing the school in December 1989, she was elected for being one of the animators of the children's TV show " Nubeluz ".
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  7. One of these was " Chamokropolis ", which was similar to a show that Televen also aired, called " Nubeluz ", which came from Peru.
  8. Nubeluz featured several competitions between children ( and even adults on occasion ) divided into two colored teams, always red and yellow, plus songs and dances, some with overt messages, performed by the Dalinas, interspersed with cartoons.
  9. The same year he directed " El pa韘 de Carl韓 " in Teatro Peruano Japon閟 and the children's show " r醤tico, p醠mani, zum ! ", under the twentieth anniversary of " Nubeluz ".
  10. Nubeluz's main contribution to the genre was the creation of an alternative world made of'nube'( cloud ) and'luz'( light ), with its own language, called'gl鷉ico', and its own peculiar manners and customs, where two weekly fiestas were held ( the terms'program'or'show'were never used ).


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