nuberu bagu造句


  1. And in " Himatsuri, " a rough, mystical 1984 film by nuberu bagu director Mitsuo Yanagimachi, the violence that lurks even under Japan's supposedly quiescent Shinto religion erupts with bloody power.
  2. If you want cynicism, you can't get much darker than " Pigs and Battleships, " the 1961 film on which the nuberu bagu ( new wave ) director Shohei Imamura ( " The Ballad of Narayama " ) found his voice.
  3. The studio responded by launching the Japanese New Wave ( " Nuberu bagu " ) which also launched the career of Nagisa Oshima among others, though Oshima soon went independent; the films of Oshima and other film makers were not financially successful and the company changed its policies.
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