1. Office of the arts administrator - about oaa
  2. Oceania athletic association , oaa
  3. Since oaa is a broadly non means - tested benefit , we have to prudently manage the use of the funds involved
  4. The old age allowance ( oaa ) rates under the ssa scheme should remain frozen at the current levels until inflation in subsequent years catches up ; and
  5. The rates of old age allowance ( oaa ) under the ssa scheme would remain frozen at their current levels until inflation in subsequent years catches up
  6. It's difficult to find oaa in a sentence. 用oaa造句挺難的
  7. More than 600 000 persons aged 60 or above receive financial assistance through either the comprehensive social security assistance ( cssa ) or the old age allowance ( oaa )
  8. The oaa is responsible for the presentation , promotion and coordination of campus - wide arts activities . to enhance the aesthetic development of the students , the office of the arts administrator will offer opportunities in arts education through its programmes
  9. Under existing arrangement , old age allowance ( oaa ) recipients are entitled to an annual permissible limit of 180 days absence from hong kong subject to the recipient having resided in hong kong for at least 90 days in the year , without affecting their entitlement to the payment
  10. The architecture of awsc - agents and the planning agent algorithm are designed . the concrete implementation mechanism based on indigolog , a situation calculus - based language and oaa , a multi - agent development framework , is also discussed
    設計了awsc - agents的體系結構和服務組合規劃agent的算法,并基于基于語義w七b的服務自動組合技術的研究狀態演算語言indigolog和多agent開發框架oaa給出了具體的實現機制。
  11. As at the end of december 2002 , of those cssa recipients with less than seven years residence in hong kong , about 36 , 000 or 52 per cent were under 18 year of age . for the same period , only 0 . 1 per cent of total oaa recipients and 1 . 5 per cent of total da recipients were residents with less than seven years residence
    截至二二年十二月底,在港居住少于七年的綜援受助人當中,約有36 , 000人(或百分之五十二)未滿十八歲;同期,在港居住少于七年的人士僅占高齡津貼受助人總數的百分之零點一,以及傷殘津貼受助人總數的百分之一點五。
  12. Applicants for cssa and ssa ( comprising the old age allowance ( oaa ) and disability allowance ( da ) ) are also required to have resided in hong kong continuously for at least one year immediately before the date of applying for assistance ( absence from hong kong up to a maximum of 56 days prior to the date of application is treated as residence in hong kong )
    綜援及福利金(包括高齡津貼及傷殘津貼)申請人亦須在緊接申請日期前已連續居港最少一年,方符合資格領取有關援助(在該年內離港的日子亦視為在港居住,但最多只限五十六天) 。


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