1. During October 2009, NATS transferred its Oceanic ATC operations from the former Prestwick Oceanic Area Control Center ( OACC ) into the ?00m Prestwick Centre.
  2. Since opening its own facility in 1996 Oakland s Chinatown district, the OACC has offered cultural programs including performances, workshops, festivals, school tours, classes, and exhibitions.
  3. The Prestwick OACC had been located within the Scottish & Oceanic Area Control Centre, ( ScOACC ), at NATS "'Atlantic House " facility, adjacent to the Prestwick Centre.
  4. For instance, the Ozark Plateau bioregion hosts a yearly Ozark Area Community Congress, better known as OACC, which has been meeting every year since 1980, most often on the first weekend in October.
  5. Below is the project's mission statement . " The Oakland Chinatown Oral History Project ( OCOHP ), spearheaded by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center ( OACC ), aims to capture the living history of Oakland Chinatown by bringing youth to interview Oakland Chinatown elders.
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