of acceptance造句


  1. One that probably stands little chance of acceptance is Miami Vice.
  2. Body piercing is experiencing the same level of acceptance as tattooing.
  3. His attitude toward the disease seems to be one of acceptance.
  4. This is a new lifestyle, a different level of acceptance.
  5. There's a level of acceptance of all these things.
  6. It's difficult to find of acceptance in a sentence. 用of acceptance造句挺難的
  7. With his peers, he hovers at the border of acceptance.
  8. In all these publications, the standards of acceptance are unclear.
  9. Notions of acceptance are prominent in many faiths and meditation practices.
  10. The results of acceptance were perhaps psychological even more than practical.
  11. Under the posting rule, performance is a means of acceptance.
  12. Instead, acceptance occurs where the message of acceptance is read.
  13. NHAI issued letter of acceptance to MEP Infrastructure on March 31.
  14. We emerged out the other end with a higher level of acceptance.
  15. How many other products can claim that alacrity of acceptance?
  16. Even without them, Rentokil has 57 percent of acceptances.
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