of access造句


  1. It will be a battle of access as much as ideas.
  2. Different computers use different means of access; consult your manual.
  3. He was not in charge of access to the Oval Office.
  4. It's not an excess of access but the reverse.
  5. A directory of access numbers is available at the Web site.
  6. It's difficult to find of access in a sentence. 用of access造句挺難的
  7. Lampreia said of access to the U . S . market.
  8. Reagan understood the shade of difference in the lexicon of access.
  9. Lack of access isn't the big problem in America.
  10. Investors so far have approached the lack of access with calm.
  11. His lack of access necessarily leaves the most important questions unanswered.
  12. And that is accompanied by a lack of access to capital.
  13. What holds them back is usually lack of access to capital.
  14. Styling wise, the Prius offers comfort and ease of access.
  15. First, there is the question of access to Asem itself.
  16. -- A guarantee of access to reasonable emergency room care.
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