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  1. Guidance on airway management during laser surgery of upper airway
  2. Inhibitory effects of luteolin on airway remodeling in asthmatic mice
  3. The effect of bcg on airway inflammatory reaction of experimental asthma mice
  4. Inhibitory effect of cd28 - cd86 blockade on airway inflammation in a murine asthma model
  5. Effect of flavonoids in fructus paulowniae on airway allegic inflammation in guinea pigs with bronchial asthma
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  7. Function of mmp timp on airway remodeling of bronchial asthma and treating effects of zhichuan capsule
  8. Influence of modified qianjin weijing decoction on airway clearance in patients with acutely exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  9. Drazen j . effect and safety of leukotriene d4 - receptor antag2 onist ici204 , 219 on airway inflammatory mediators in atopic asthma [ j ] . am j respir crit care med , 1998 , 157 : s233
    許文兵,朱元玨,郭盛祥,等.白三烯受體拮抗劑扎魯司特治療中、輕度哮喘的療效和安全性評價[ j ] .中華結核和呼吸雜志, 2000 , 23 ( 3 ) : 164
  10. This unique longitudinal study tracked dietary intake by nearly 2000 pregnant women , then examined the effects of the maternal diet on airway development in more than 1200 of their children five years later


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