on loop造句


  2. Trail City is west of Pinecrest on Loop Road.
  3. Stations on loops and branches are marked * *.
  4. Now Eerkes was heading south on Loop 101.
  5. He messes with the guitars and drums putting them on loop with his vocals.
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  7. Metromover headways vary from about two to five minutes depending on loop and overlap.
  8. Affiliated with Universal Health Services, it is located on Loop 20 in north Laredo.
  9. Nests have even been found on loops of chain, wire, and extension cords.
  10. Other copies are shown on loops at the Imperial War Museums in London and Manchester.
  11. By 3 a . m ., I was on Loop 101 heading for Interstate 10.
  12. We started out with him directing me to go toward west Fort Worth on Loop 820.
  13. Each device on loop receives a sequentially assigned address automatically, from 1 up to 30.
  14. One cigarette out a car window on Loop 360 can burn its way straight to our houses.
  15. Likewise for Martin Bojowald's recent article on Loop Quantum Gravity, in the same publication.
  16. It definitely warrants a listen or two, even maybe on loop for some of it ."
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