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  1. Krivacs did not return telephone calls Friday seeking comment on Mattingly's plans.
  2. Rickey on Mattingly : " One year, he drove me in 79 times.
  3. Lachemann knew Grahe's entrance would bring on Mattingly and Boggs.
  4. Ripken asked for details on Mattingly's decision not to play.
  5. He moved to second on a single by O'Neill and scored on Mattingly's soft-liner to right.
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  7. Did Kennedy mismanage on Mattingly's at-bats?
  8. The Yankees also have to make decisions on Mattingly, Wade Boggs, David Cone and Jack McDowell, among others.
  9. The Yankees know that time and disabling ailments have taken their toll on Mattingly, not only this year but also in recent seasons.
  10. After Paul O'Neill struck out and Tartabull walked, Boggs scored on Mattingly's single to left just before Tartabull was thrown out-- failing to slide-- while going to third.
  11. For anyone looking for a tipoff on Mattingly's plans, it could be the fact that his home in Tenafly, N . J ., was recently put on the market.
  12. Williams opened the first inning with a single, Boggs doubled to left-center field and Williams scored on Mattingly's groundout before Leyritz hit his 14th home run over the left-center field wall.
  13. Williams'daring two-out dash was instrumental as the Yanks crammed the bases on Mattingly's intentional walk and Leyritz's hit-by-pitch before Boggs, a pinch-hitter, walked on Gross's 3-2 fastball to give the Yanks a 4-3 edge.
  14. On Mattingly and me trying to get to first base . . . I threw a lot of fastballs during the at bat, but the last slider I ended up throwing, he happened to miss it.


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