on the climb造句

"on the climb"是什麽意思   


  1. Oca馻 punctured on the climb, allowing for the other riders to attack.
  2. Sevilla tried to keep his composure as he struggled on the climb.
  3. There are some washed out sections on the climb up the range.
  4. "I concentrated on gaining time on the climb, because that's my territory,"
  5. Mellberg's Villa is on the climb after a 2-0 victory over Charlton.
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  7. Gastauer dropped the remaining riders on the climb and pressed on alone.
  8. On the climbs, I saw that my rivals were behind, so I accelerated.
  9. In the tenth stage, Scieur punctured on the climb to Allos.
  10. On the climb, Louis Vervaeke attacked with remaining and passed Weening.
  11. These three peaks can be seen on the climb from Bala.
  12. On the climb, Valverde stayed at the front of the peloton.
  13. I was suffering on the climbs and afraid of being dropped.
  14. "In the early stages I was suffering on the climbs, I wasn't clicking.
  15. His companion on the climb, Tenzing Norgay, died in 1986.
  16. Race leader David Arroyo was also dropped on the climb.
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