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"on the loop"是什麽意思   


  1. The resultant force on the loop is evidently zero, since the forces on opposite sides are equal and opposite .
  2. The troop ' s stoop on the loop became the top topic at the bus stop
  3. Motion analysis of the dual - elbow - bar mechanism of the die - cutting machine based on the loop method
  4. Making sign on the loop using color ? pen and filling testing record on time after testing
  5. Based on the lucubration of adsl ' s transmission characters , the author concluded the main noise sources on the loop and their influences to the adsl ' s transmission performance
  6. It's difficult to find on the loop in a sentence. 用on the loop造句挺難的
  7. A simplified analysis method of distribution networks is presented . the voltages and the power on / through both end of the feeder are used to describe the load and its distribution within the feeder line . only field test datas from feeder circuit breakers in substations , switches along the feeder lines and on the loop points are needed to obtain a sactisified analysis result
  8. Through the research on the loop controlling system of high speed rod mill , wuhan iron & steel company and analyzing the state of the big fluctuation of the loop and difficulty in control . , this paper simulated the control system , via the system , consummating the factor that influence the loop , optimized the primary control system and find out the best curve and control parameter . finally , increase rate of eligible products for the sake of achieving the high economic benefits
  9. The paper makes great efforts on the software optimization of evrc vocoder . based on the understanding of tms320c64xx cpu structure , we do deeply - optimization on the loop which appear usually in voice signal processing , and this improve the utility ratio of cpu and the parallelity degree of cpu function cell . at the same time , we utilize the bit - exact test to test the fixed - point evrc vocoder with the test vectors of tia / eia / is - 718 , which improve the robustness of the vocoder
    本文圍繞定點evrc聲碼器的軟件優化,做了大量的工作,在充分理解tms320c64xxcpu結構的基礎上,針對語音信號處理中大量出現的循環運算進行了深度優化,大大提高了cpu的利用率以及cpu功能單元的并行程度,同時,我們還用tia / eia / is - 718的測試向量對定點evrc聲碼器進行了嚴格比特對準測試,提高了聲碼器的魯棒性。


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