on the low hills造句

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  1. Extensive pastures in the lowlands contrast with the arable fields and woods on the low hills.
  2. It is found mainly over areas with thick vegetation both on the low hills and the plains.
  3. The eastern section, known as " Little Mowbray ", lies on the low hill between the Liesbeeck and Black Rivers.
  4. US 3 / 187 RCT under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Delbert Munson jumped into Drop Zone William shortly afterwards, before turning south and adopting a defensive position on the low hills south of Sukchon, where they established roadblocks across the highway and railway.
  5. In 1881, the Palestine Exploration Fund's " Survey of Western Palestine " described Abu Snan as a stone-built village situated on the low hill near the plain, surrounded by olive groves and arable land, and with many cisterns of rain-water.
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  7. Today, it follows a strong demographic increase from later years, and the development is continuing on the low hills that rise immediately inland from the Statale 16 Road; the Corva and Cretarola districts are the highest point of the city's territory, with interesting sea views.
  8. Hardee's Corps was initially placed in Triune, about 20 miles ( 32 km ) to the west, Polk's on the west bank of the river, and a detached division from Hardee's Corps under Maj . Gen . John C . Breckinridge on the low hills east of the river.


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