on the mall造句


  1. There were two other developments Wednesday regarding monuments on the Mall.
  2. The museum on the Mall will always be the crown jewel,
  3. The festivities will start officially on Thursday afternoon on the Mall.
  4. Ramco-Gershenson announced renovation plans on the mall in 1983.
  5. By Spring 2004, work on the mall had been completed.
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  7. There are no official crowd estimates of events on the Mall.
  8. But the ungrateful wretches on the Mall would have none of it.
  9. That was dramatically evident on the Mall a generation ago.
  10. Jones said of this last display of the quilt on the Mall.
  11. Our new office might be in a tent out on the mall.
  12. The Promise Keepers spectacle on the Mall has its critics.
  13. The show was broadcast on giant-screen televisions on the Mall.
  14. I can see Martin Luther King speaking on the Mall.
  15. The museum on the Mall gets about 9 million visitors a year.
  16. District residents recently have criticized the increasingly crowded vistas on the Mall.
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