on the margin of造句

"on the margin of"是什麽意思   


  1. like hoar-frost on the margin of my dreams
  2. write down a note on the margin of the page
  3. make notes on the margin of a page
  4. can you erase this letters on the margins of this page
  5. they were an old couple living on the margin of respectability
  6. It's difficult to find on the margin of in a sentence. 用on the margin of造句挺難的
  7. he is on the margin of death
  8. can you wipe out the letters on the margin of this page using correction fluid
  9. can you obliterate these letters on the margin of this page by the correction fluid
  10. at three places on the margin of the northern ice field, a 164-foot-high wall of ice has retreated about 16 feet since 2002
  11. the plant body resembled a fern and did not produce flowers, the seeds developing from megasporangia borne on the margins of the fronds
  12. he was unusually quiet that morning, with his pipe in his left hand and his ball pen in his right, frenziedly scribbling on the margins of the draft papers in front of him
  13. while seeing and enjoying, the youngsters as if might be on the margin of the friendship between classmates and teachers, the taste of the first love, as well as rebellion and disappointment
  14. after supper he conversed for half an hour with mademoiselle baptistine and madame magloire; then he retired to his own room and set to writing, sometimes on loose sheets, and again on the margin of some folio
  15. they may have posh houses, big cars and children studying in top schools and they themselves may have been involved in community visits by ministers or mps, but all these do not change the fact that they remain on the margins of society
  16. the main sedimentary facies of the upper carboniferous on the margin of the xuefeng anicient land can be divided into submarine alluvial, foreshore siliciclastic, shallow beach carbonate, carbonate platform and backshore restrict carbonate facies
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