on the margin造句


  1. The songs are jocular, but danger lurks on the margins.
  2. As early as 1971, he was already on the margins.
  3. His company happened to be on the margin a little larger,
  4. On the margin, a party leader surely has an impact.
  5. They are very much on the margins of political life here.
  6. It's difficult to find on the margin in a sentence. 用on the margin造句挺難的
  7. On the margin, this drives a demand for equity investments.
  8. This is usually the case on the margins of geologic basins.
  9. There are fine black dots on the margins of all wings.
  10. It occurs in and on the margins of the drier rainforests.
  11. Their front wings wear two distinct clear patches on the margins.
  12. The hindwings are orange with nine black spots on the margins.
  13. The hindwings are whitish grey, but darker on the margins.
  14. The hindwings are pale white grey and grey on the margins.
  15. The forewings are orange-yellow, deeper on the margins.
  16. A series of fuscous dots is found on the margin from.
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