1. Each Onontio was the head of the Franco-Indian alliance.
  2. The significance of this was to prepare them to begin the conference and deliberation the next day with Onontio.
  3. Beginning with Charles de Montmagny, North American Indians referred to the governor as Onontio, meaning " Great Mountain ".
  4. Onontio fell from power in 1763 with the conquest of New France by the British empire in the Seven Years'War.
  5. The native war effort was a failure militarily, but the British revised their policies and began to fulfill some of Onontio's duties.
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  7. As a result, the natives of the Great Lakes rose up against British rule in Pontiac's Rebellion, attempting in part to restore Onontio to power.
  8. The British conquerors seemed unwilling or unable to fulfill the role of Onontio, which was, as a father, that of a mediator and provider rather than a conqueror.
  9. His name'Montmagny'roughly translated into the Iroquoian languages as " Onontio " ( Great Mountain ), a title which the Iroquois Confederacy used for all subsequent Governors of Quebec.
  10. Samuel de Champlain's successor as governor of New France was Charles de Montmagny; the Hurons called him " Onontio ", a name that was equivalent to " large mountain " in their language ( see here : ); yhis in turn became the generic name for his successors .-- talk ) 15 : 47, 13 February 2009 ( UTC)


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