1. After that, the two broke up and Onoo left WCW.
  2. During this time, Onoo also managed the 趌timo Drag髇.
  3. In the lawsuit, Onoo claimed wrongful dismissal.
  4. Onoo and Harrison " Hardbody"
  5. Onoo parted ways with Nagata soon afterward.
  6. It's difficult to find onoo in a sentence. 用onoo造句挺難的
  7. The fourth match was between Ernest Miller ( accompanied by Sonny Onoo ) and Perry Saturn.
  8. Onoo later became the manager of Ernest Miller and feuded with Perry Saturn, and later Jerry Flynn.
  9. Many wrestlers believe that they were called only because of Sonny Onoo's racial discrimination lawsuit against WCW.
  10. In August 1996, Onoo managed Bull Nakano in her feud with The Great American Bash won by Hokuto.
  11. Ernest won several matches over Hayashi with Onoo's help, and also enlisted Perry Saturn as his ally.
  12. The production of ONOO  " is capable of oxidizing several lipoproteins and of nitrating tyrosine residues in many proteins.
  13. Onoo, who now lives in Iowa, complains that there were no minority writers at WCW when he was there.
  14. Onoo then turned on Dragon, allowing Regal apply the Regal Stretch on Dragon to win back the title by submission.
  15. "I remember one time they started arguing with me about the term'Japs, "'recalls Onoo.
  16. Miller then began a minor feud with Kaz Hayashi, as Onoo has been previously Hayashi's manager and had left him to manage Miller.
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