1. Onopko said after Belgium defeated Russia 3-2 on Friday.
  2. Onopko, Mostovoi and Alenichev have not yet exhausted their potential,
  3. Russian captain Viktor Onopko is making his 100th international appearance.
  4. Russian captain Viktor Onopko was making his 100th international appearance.
  5. Captain Viktor Onopko said Romantsev had not been so hard on the squad.
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  7. Onopko has become an icon of Russian soccer _ yet is actually Ukranian.
  8. Viktor Onopko had done a good job marking Klinsmann for more than an hour.
  9. By force, defender Viktor Onopko and Yuri Kovtun were sidelined because of suspension.
  10. Russia's Viktor Onopko scored in the 88th minute to close the gap.
  11. Russian captain Viktor Onopko said the loss was " a tragedy ."
  12. In defense, Russia will be without its most experienced player, Victor Onopko.
  13. He is a younger brother of Viktor Onopko.
  14. Playing his 100th match for his country, Onopko also displayed a highly lethal foot.
  15. At the back Yuri Nikiforov and Viktor Onopko kept a cool head to deny Belgium.
  16. Russian captain Victor Onopko kicked the ball out from the goal line the first time.
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