1. Onoprienko, a former sailor, was arrested in April 1996.
  2. Onoprienko, meanwhile, says he is not afraid of death.
  3. In July 1931, Onoprienko was drafted into the Red Army.
  4. Most just quietly eyed Onoprienko, but some shouted their fears aloud.
  5. Onoprienko has not registered an official residence since 1988.
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  7. Relatives and boarding school teachers describe Onoprienko as a quiet, reserved youth.
  8. Onoprienko is widely expected to be sentenced to death.
  9. During the Gomel-Rechitsa Offensive, Onoprienko was wounded on 7 November.
  10. The vanguard of the division was led by Onoprienko.
  11. Onoprienko attacked the main objectives and captured high ground and a brick factory.
  12. Onoprienko's state-appointed attorney, Ruslan Mashkovsky, told reporters Monday.
  13. Onoprienko is likely to get a death sentence if convicted, officials have said.
  14. Psychiatrists have ruled Onoprienko fit to stand trial.
  15. Anatoliy Onoprienko was quoted as saying in an interview published in the daily Fakty.
  16. It remains unclear whether Onoprienko would be executed, even if sentenced to death.
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