1. The distal part of the oviduct, called ootype, is dilated.
  2. A short oviduct conducts to the ootype, which continues with the uterine tube.
  3. In most trematodes, sperm cells travel through the uterus to reach the ootype, where fertilization occurs.
  4. The ootype is connected to an elongated uterus that opens to the exterior in the genital pore, close to the male opening.
  5. The posterior two-thirds of the body contain the vittelogenic glands and their winding canal, which unites with the oviduct a little before it reaches the ootype.
  6. It's difficult to find ootype in a sentence. 用ootype造句挺難的
  7. In this tube it is possible to find 1 to 2 eggs ( rarely 3 to 4 ) but only 1 egg is observed in the ootype at any one time.
  8. After the egg is surrounded by yolk cells, its shell is formed from the secretion of another gland called Mehlis'gland or shell gland, the duct of which also opens in the ootype.
  9. "' Mehlis gland "'('m-lis-) also called "'Shell gland "', is primarily present surrounding the ootype of Platyhelminthes, and it is a part of the female reproductive organ of Platyhelminthes.


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