1. An issue when using n-gram language models are out-of-vocabulary ( OOV ) words.
  2. The secumt }-mmasures were as much for the 77-year-old Castro as they wewe-oov the patriarch.
  3. Recently he s shown promising signs of regaining his old confidence by beating Xellos and Oov in the Proleague finals in fine style and reaching final round in OSL.
  4. The'oov'in his nickname is believed to be the ASCII emotion icon of a face and 2 fingers forming letter'V'which stands for victory.
  5. After reaching yet another OSL final in early 2006 and losing 3-0 to his old rival Oov, July lost his dominance and went into a small slump.
  6. It's difficult to find oov in a sentence. 用oov造句挺難的
  7. Bush gave only broad outlioe-oo-mis plan when he presented it on Jan . 7, and he said detammw-ould emerge as the plan works its way through Congress . $ % $ M }-would create renewable three-year guest worker visas both-oov ooreign workers already in the United States and for those-mo-mot to go.


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