1. On 1 October 2014 Telstra announced that it had acquired Ooyala.
  2. More than half of Ooyala's business now comes from international markets.
  3. As of 2009, Ooyala was providing video technology and services for over 500 companies.
  4. Eight months later, Ooyala raised an additional $ 8.5 million from Sierra Ventures.
  5. Jay Fulcher, formerly of SAP, joined Ooyala as the company s CEO in August 2009.
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  7. With the Recording Academy he led the effort to partner with Ooyala, 53rd GRAMMY Awards show as an executive producer.
  8. The film was remade in Telugu as " Ooyala " starring Meka Srikanth, Ramya Krishnan with Nassar and Suhasini reprising their roles again.
  9. Ooyala works with a number of partners, including Adobe, Microsoft, NTT, YuMe, Tremor Media, Akamai, Level3, PayWizard and Google.
  10. NPAW s network of partners include United States based organizations such as Ooyala, Brightcove, Highwinds, Limelight Networks, Level3 and the Google Cloud Platform.
  11. Affymetrix, Agilent Technologies, Applied Materials, Arista Networks, Atheros, Rovi, Synaptics, Marvell Technology Group, Ooyala and Trident Microsystems are among the companies headquartered in Santa Clara.
  12. "' Ooyala "'is a 1998 Telugu drama film directed by S . V . Krishna Reddy starring Srikanth, Ramya Krishna, Nassar, Suhasini in the lead roles.
  13. With the advantage that its videos can play back in popular video players such as QuickTime and Flash as well as multiple OVPs ( online video platforms ) such as Brightcove, ThePlatform and Ooyala.
  14. BYUtv can be found through online streaming provided by Ooyala, on the Dish Network and DirecTV pay-satellite services, and free to air via 17 and Galaxy 28 in DVB-S2 format.
  15. Through September 2010, Ooyala had raised $ 42 million from Sage Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures, Rembrandt Ventures, CID Group ( a Shanghai-based private equity fund ), Hitochu and Panasonic.
  16. Prior to founding Ooyala with Sean Knapp ( CTO ) and Belsasar Lepe ( Director of Engineering ), Bismarck worked at Google as a Senior Product Manager responsible for the development and launch of monetization products for the Google AdSense network.
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