operational support unit造句


  1. The Operational Support Unit also includes the Air Support units.
  2. The Operational Support Units also includes the Air Support.
  3. It is part of the Operational Support Units which provides specialist support to Garda?nationwide.
  4. It is part of the Operational Support Unit which provides specialist support to Garda?nationwide.
  5. The Operational Support Unit primarily use the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Iveco Daily as personnel carriers.
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  7. The Operational Support Unit moved to Wethersfield from RAF Wittering and has been permanently based there since May 1992.
  8. Operation Target has now disbanded, but West Yorkshire Police have kept the service of the specials in their own Operational Support Unit.
  9. The biggest of them, Auckland Operational Support Unit, also known as the Auckland Volunteer Fire Brigade, was founded in 1933 and provides a true voluntary community service.
  10. It was last active in October 2006 at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, where it had served as the umbrella for intelligence and operational support units under Pacific Air Forces
  11. Force Traffic, the Operational Support Unit and the Dog Section are spread across three main stations  these are Canley in Coventry, Aston in Birmingham and Wednesbury near West Bromwich.
  12. Various Operational Support Units ( OSUs ) manned by volunteers are attached to Fire Districts and Brigades across New Zealand, which provide non-firefighting assistance at large-scale incidents.
  13. Six operational support units ( OSUs ) have been established to provide specially skilled officers trained in over ground search, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear ( CBRN ) response.
  14. ""'Backup " "'is a BBC crime drama series, focusing on the work of a police Operational Support Unit, similar to the Territorial Support Group.
  15. New "'operational support units "'( OSU ) were purchased in 2008, each costing ?3, 800 and replacing a number of aging vehicles such as damage control tenders and breathing apparatus tenders.
  16. In 1934 the Aviation Regiment was renamed His Majesty's Air Troops, comprising a headquarters, with two army orlyaks ( based at Bozhurishte and Plovdiv airfields ), a training orlyak ( in Plovdiv ), a maritime yato ( at NAS Chaika, Varna ) and additional operational support units.
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