other professors造句

"other professors"是什麽意思   


  1. And one of the other professors at virginia said , how can you do that
  2. In teaching grammar , professor wang can be a notch above all the other professors
  3. I think i do . i have his number . he enjoys less popularity than most other professors
  4. I was lucky that my advisor didn ' t give me too much pressure but other professors might not be as nice
  5. Already , other professors have asked the physicists to create a movie - based curriculum that could be used elsewhere , efthimiou said
  6. It's difficult to find other professors in a sentence. 用other professors造句挺難的
  7. Studies of schumpter and some other professors show that there is no significant relatedness between technological innovation and enterprise ' s operating scale . government should motivate the medium and small enterprises to carry out technological innovation , research and development , and to adopt new technology , toward which favorable policies should the offered . some of the technological innovation projects that have bright prospect should be provided discount support , in the mean time establish technological innovation financing projects


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