other races造句


  1. Eight children were white, and three were of other races.
  2. They are the least tolerant of other races of any group.
  3. In the other races, I think agreement is very unlikely.
  4. No such rule was enforced against other races, he said.
  5. -- Become informed about people from other races and cultures.
  6. It's difficult to find other races in a sentence. 用other races造句挺難的
  7. In the other races, gear breakdown played a big factor.
  8. Stewart won three times and was second in two other races.
  9. Meanwhile, the Bourques are killing me in the other races.
  10. These other races are on, and people know those people.
  11. This race already pays a whole lot more than other races.
  12. That kind of technology is used in every other racing series,
  13. The issue has cropped up in other races across the country.
  14. There are certainly other races where issues are more in play.
  15. Villeneuve has won the other race of the season so far.
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