other rank造句

"other rank"是什麽意思   


  1. "prayer of fortitude " : the range on rank 3 has been changed to match all other ranks of this spell
  2. others rank sites to give you ones that best match your terms or they may organize the results into categories
  3. the family group includes taxa at the ranks of superfamily, family, subfamily, tribe, and any other rank below superfamily and above the genus group that may be required, such as subtribe [ art . 35.1 ]
  4. different from other rank reduction methods, such as pca ( principal component analysis ) and vq ( vector quantization ), nmf ( nonnegative matrix factorization ) can get nonnegative, sparse basis vectors which make possible of the concept of a parts-based representation
  5. It's difficult to find other rank in a sentence. 用other rank造句挺難的


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