other receivable造句

"other receivable"是什麽意思   


  1. Where the cost includes an element of dividend declared or in ? terest accrued , that portion relating to the dividend and inte ? rest shall be accounted for as a temporary payment and dis - j closed under other receivable
  2. Where the actual payments of the investments in shares include dividends declared by the investee company , that portion of the dividend should be accounted for as a temporary payment and disclosed under other receivable in the books of the investing company
  3. The results suggest fraud companies have higher debt ratio and proportion of other receivable to current assets , slower short - term liquidity , have lower ratio of days " sales in receivables , adjusted operational cash flow per share and smaller equity ' s centralization extent than nonfraud companies have . beside non - fraud companies , fraud companies are easier to receive non - standard unqualified auditing opinion
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