out for sport造句


  1. They went out for sports and they had good reputations.
  2. Right now the networks are not selling out for sports.
  3. He also went out for sports, including wrestling.
  4. Bussens founded Out for Sport, an organisation representing gay sports clubs in London.
  5. The venue was also rented out for sports, community socials and civic events.
  6. It's difficult to find out for sport in a sentence. 用out for sport造句挺難的
  7. She wanted me to try out for sports, get involved in the drama class.
  8. Ridley Scott's vision of a grungy future whose streets cried out for sport utilities.
  9. But what's the action involved in " going out for sports ", when mentioning the things one is planning to study in a forthcoming academic period?
  10. After the first break, the bulletin continues as a live simulcast across the network with further " Local Window " opt-outs for sport and weather.
  11. Dash would like to go out for sports, but his mother Helen will not allow it because she thinks that he would show off his superspeed and blow the family's civilian cover.
  12. One of the school district's arguments on appeal is that there is no real compulsion because participation in athletics is voluntary and students can avoid the drug testing by not going out for sports.
  13. "If not enough women go out for sports at a school, these quotas force a school to cut men's opportunities, with no benefit to the women athletes there,"
  14. Suddenly the options for the girls have increased and, everyone, especially parents wanting to save on the cost of a college education, know they should not be hesitant about having their girls go out for sports.
  15. The commercial that stood out for sports fans, though, had to be the Lipton iced tea ad with an animated Babe Ruth shaking off a hangover to homer, thanks to a Lipton offered by Reggie Jackson.
  16. Chandler ( Matthew Perry ) and Joey ( Matt LeBlanc ) _ witty, upwardly mobile Manhattan bachelors _ veg out for sports telecasts in their matching recliner chairs . ( Chandler has since been resocialized by moving in with Monica .)
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