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  1. Outer frame can be alternative of aluminum alloy and galvanized board
  2. Roll - and - shear random cutting run - out frame hydraulic pressure drops in automatic way
    落料系統:液壓自動落料隨機配兩個料架, 3m一個
  3. Stator : this part of the machine does not move and normally is the outer frame of the machine
  4. Super - schedule construction out frame space realizes safe quick with drawing in comprehensive mining working face
  5. Sound system equipment . part 14 : circular and elliptical loudspeakers ; outer frame diameters and mounting dimensions
  6. It's difficult to find out frame in a sentence. 用out frame造句挺難的
  7. Sound system equipment - guide for circular and elliptical loudspeakers ; outer frame diameters and mounting dimensions
  8. Outer frame is used advanced digital controled creased bend pipe reduction board machine , impacting processing industry , galvanized board , strong causticity resistance
  9. The barrel shape structure work like an overhanging beam and when subjected to earthquake load , its dynamic stress of outer frame is greater than that of inner tube
  10. The analysis showed the strain of section is not plain under moment so that the moment is carried by force couple in the outer frame . 4 . the paper gave the rigid frame - compression bar model for practical computation
  11. This paper studies the effect on aerodynamic characteristics of the grid fin geometry by choosing different cross - section shape and thickness outer frame , changing the thickness of internal fins and the density of internal honeycomb , comparing the datas obtained from the corresponding wind tunnel tests
  12. The research suggests that the failure process of the multi - ribbed composite walls under horizontal seismic loads is : the cracks of the infilled silicate bricks and the cracks of the inner rib beams and rib columns - the cracks of the outer frames ; and that the walls can release energy by stages , showing perfect capacities of energy dissipation and collapse resistance
  13. The wall was equaled to an elastic composite slab with silica bricks as main body and concrete rib beams , columns and outer frame as reinforcing fiber . ( 2 ) elastic - plastic stage . the wall was equaled to a rigid frame - oblique compression bar model in which concrete frame was equivalent to a rigid frame while silica brick was equivalent to a oblique compression bar
    ( 1 )彈性階段? ?將墻體視為一種以輕質砌塊為基體,混凝土肋梁、肋柱、外框為增強纖維的復合材料等效彈性板; ( 2 )彈塑性階段? ?將墻體視為一個由鋼筋混凝土剛架和與之鉸接的砌塊等效斜壓桿組成的剛架斜壓桿組合模型; ( 3 )破壞階段? ?將墻體視為肋梁嚴重破損的梁鉸框架模型。
  14. Though much progress has been achieved in previous study , there still remains a lot to be studied and perfected . the thesis is devoted to study on the multi - ribbed slab wall , the main bearing member in mrss , including its mechanism , failure mode , aseismic capability , mechanical models , ultimate bearing capacity and aseismic design based on control . the paper mainly accomplished such work as follows : 1 ) based on test research on multi - ribbed slab wall , the paper proposed the member ' s failure modes under horizontal loads , analyzed the co - performance between the inner frame and the infilled silica bricks and that between the slab and the outer frame , discussed the wall ' s bearing capacity , rigidity , deformation , ductility and energy dissipation ability in different modes , and put forward a simplified mechanical model of the slab wall under vertical loads
    本文針對密肋壁板結構的主要受力構件? ?密肋復合墻體為研究對象,就其受力機理、破壞模式、抗震性能、三階段力學模型、極限承載能力以及基于控制的抗震設計方法等進行了較為詳細的研究,完成的主要工作有: 1 )通過對密肋復合墻體在水平低周反復荷載和單調荷載作用下的試驗研究,提出了墻體的主要破壞模式;分析了框格與內部填充砌塊、墻板與外框的共同工作的受力特點;探討了不同破壞模式情況下墻體的承載能力、剛度、變形、延性、耗能等抗震性能,并給出了豎向荷載作用下密肋復合墻體的簡化力學模型。


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