1. The use of the standard oxaziridine did not result in an acyloin.
  2. Chiral oxaziridine derivatives effect asymmetric oxygen transfer to prochiral enolates as well as other substrates.
  3. Next, the oxaziridine gives the hydrazone by azine is hydrolyzed to give hydrazine and regenerate the ketone.
  4. The article has deteriorated recently, now being tagged as having a lead problem, though a request at WT : CHEMISTRY # Oxaziridine seeks help in this area.
  5. The ketone and ammonia first condense to give the imine, which is oxidised by hydrogen peroxide to the oxaziridine, a three-membered ring containing carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen.
  6. It's difficult to find oxaziridine in a sentence. 用oxaziridine造句挺難的
  7. Oxaziridine derivatives are also used as specialized reagents in organic chemistry for a variety of oxidations, including alpha hydroxylation of enolates, epoxidation and aziridination of olefins, and other heteroatom transfer reactions.
  8. For oxaziridine ( left ), the 1st site is oxidized preferably due not only to distance from the electron-withdrawing OBz group but also because of its substitution the carbon is tertiary and so it is more electron rich.
  9. Note that here, like with oxaziridine, substitution at the carbon also greatly affects selectivity; the secondary methylene position is preferred over the terminal methylene position because the former has a secondary carbon while the latter has a primary one.
  10. The selectivity of some hydroxylations may be drastically improved in some cases with the addition of coordinating groups alpha to the oxaziridine ring as oxaziridines "'3b "'and "'3c "'in the table above.
  11. One very positive example from my experience comes from the "'oxaziridine "'article which built to this point in December 2010 ( there were a few small edits from others, but the work was almost exclusively DMelvinKaphan's ).


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